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HQ dental care is a dental practice in Leeds, Tong Road where our experienced team of dentists and dental nurses are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care for everyone.dnetureshop-carousel

Dentureshop is now part of HQ dental care

Dentureshop has established itself as the leading provider for high-quality dentures in Leeds, Pudsey, Wakefield, Farsley and surrounding areas and now we are thrilled to be able to offer full dental care, routine and cosmetic dentistry.

If you need new crowns, bridges or veneers we invite you to give us a call on 0113 279 6667 and find out what we can do for you…

And indeed it is amazing what we can achieve with the support of our large dental laboratory, one of the country’s leading and award winning laboratories, HQ dental which is situated in the same premises.

HQ dental care: Now accepting new patients

Total laboratory involvement ensures the best outcome …

At HQ all our crown and bridge cases involve technician shade taking…this means that we can colour match even the most complex cases …Seeing the patient makes all the difference and sometimes it’s amazing what we do…

We can provide some of the most advanced cosmetic and restorative treatment available. To find out more please visit www.hqdentalcare.co.uk


HQ dental has been awarded Best Crown and Bridge Laboratory and Best Orthodontic Laboratory in 2015 at the national Laboratory Awards.

Complete smile makeovers…guaranteed!

modern dentistry with total laboratory involvement makes almost anything possible…..and we offer online warranty for your new crowns from 2, 6 years to lifetime, direct from HQ dental laboratory, that has been trading for 30 years





Nervous Patients Welcomed At HQ dental care

are very welcome at HQ  and many comments that they appreciate our very genuine and caring approach


……every  aspect of your treatment  is produced ‘on site’  and at every stage you meet the whole dental team and this direct line of communication always guarantee world class results….and because we have complete control of every aspect of your treatment it means that we can do everything quickly too


  We are proud to offer a very caring, professional and friendly service…and world class results….


  HQ dental is a genuine centre of excellence where we believe that everyone can have a perfect smile!… 

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