new acrylic dentures

Option 1- The natura denture (£549 full set)

Option 2- The enigma denture( £770 full set)

Option 3-The IVOCLAR Ultimate denture (£1,270 full set)

Option4-The Phonares Same Day denture (£2,495 full set)


Full Dentures

Natura Denture Enigma Denture Ivoclar Ult Denture Phoneares Same Day
Upper and lower Upper and lower Upper and lower Upper and lower
£549 £770 £1,270 £2,495
Upper or lower Upper or lower Upper or lower Upper or lower
£395 £545 £730 £1,300

Partial acrylic dentures

1.Natura              2.Enigma             3.Ivoclar ult  4.Phoneares Same Day

1-3 teeth

 £395                     £535                       £715                      £1,250

4 or more teeth

 £415                     £560                       £765                     £1,350


Chrome dentures

Cobalt chrome palate                                         £180 extra

Cobalt chrome framework                                  £220 extra


Flexible partial dentures

Valplast flexible denture                                            1 - 3 £595 4+ £695

Additional services

Denture repairs £40
Denture repairs requiring an impression (if part of the denture is lost) £80
Hard acrylic reline  £130 per denture
Soft reline (new or replacement)   £130 per denture
Addition of teeth to an existing denture  From £90
Wrought clasps  From £24
Acetate clasps From £75
Mouth guards From £90
At home tooth whitening kits £250


9 thoughts on “prices

  1. I have had 2 partial dentures made of chrome and paid quite a lot of money for them. Unfortunately one of the dentures has been adjusted by my dentist (not the technician who originally made them). He has offered to compensate me with a new partial denture, but it is far too large for my small mouth. Just useless. I hope you can help me in some way.

  2. I need to have full dentures fitted but I know I am going to have problems as cannot stand things in my mouth. Apparently I have a small mouth . What kind of palate can you recommend – something lightweight that I can cope with ? I am an NHS patient but I am happy to contribute towards suitable dentures. There is no use getting dentures which I cannot wear.

  3. Dear June,
    …thanks for your enquiry via our dentureshop website. We actually do things slightly differently here and use wash impressions inside existing dentures-most patients find the whole experience much easier than making dentures in the conventional way (and using bulky impression trays and thick paste)….it also makes for much more accurate results and better fitting dentures.
    …high impact denture base material is also available which is six times stronger than standard which means that your new dentures can be much thinner and less bulky (while maintaining strength).
    It might be best to give me a call about this and I can explain your options in more detail-the best number to contact me on is 07770558114
    Regards RICHARD- DENTURESHOP/HQ dental 349 Tong rd. Leeds

  4. hi im just wondering how much a partial denture, with just one tooth would cost, my daughter dog has chewed hers denture and she is going on holiday in two weeks, doesnt want to go with a tooth missing xx

  5. Please call 0113 279 6668 or come in
    Swallow House,
    349 Tong Road,
    West Yorkshire
    LS12 4QG

    It can be the case that the denture could be simply repaired and tooth replaced.

  6. Hiya I have a problem with my lower teeth.. 2 teeth are literally hanging out of the gun.. I have gum disease .. it is affecting me so much because I have to deal with client’s and they can smell my breath. It’s getting to the point where it’s making me cry .. my boyfriend sometimes doesn’t kiss me because of it.. only problem is I can’t afford to pay in full and wondered if there was a Payment plan available for me.. it’s really making me depressed and I don’t smile anymore because you can see the gap and how bad it is thsnks

  7. hi there, i do not have dentures at the moment but as a person who has been scared of the dentist all my life my teeth have suffered, i was wanting to request the procedure for what treatments you have, as for the dentures you have are they fit permanent as ones i recall of my grans came out in a glass in the night and i really would not want that or dentures that are loose as would not want all others to know i had dentures, sorry if the questions look like i really know nothing on the subject but would appreciate some feedback on issues i have mentioned, also are you open to new customers

  8. I have about 5 teeth left on top. But I’m terrified of dentists. Can anything be done. To help my problem. I don’t know what to expect or what Will happen

  9. Hi
    I just wondered how much extra I would have to pay as I want a full set of dentures but need seven teeth taking out as they are no good.

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