flexible dentures

a modern healthier option for partial denture wearers

Flexible dentures were originally developed for patients who are allergic to the pink pigment in conventional acrylic dentures and are made out of nylon which is very resilient to wear and almost  unbreakable.

This denture is more stable and functions better than other options because it incorporates very effective clasps which provide exceptional retention by connecting securely with your natural teeth making biting and chewing easier.

Flexible dentures are a thinner and less bulky option and because the clasps provide all the retention upper denture wearers appreciate that there is no need to cover the palate.

Flexible dentures are suitable for patients who have some strategically positioned natural teeth for the denture to connect with.

 Why choose flexible dentures?

  • nylon clasps built into the denture hold it very securely in place so biting and chewing is easier.
  • nylon clasps are much kinder to teeth than acrylic or metal making it a healthier option.
  • The semi translucent pink nylon base blends in perfectly…..making flexible dentures a more aesthetic option.