dentureshop – Part of the HQ dental group

dentureshop is a complete denture service provided by HQ dental.  HQ (which stands for high quality) was established in 1986 and has grown into one of the UK’s leading full service dental laboratories now employing a team of more than 80 dental professionals.

Creating the perfect denture service has always been a passion and special interest for our managing director Richard Wainwright who created dentureshop in 2014.

Richard realised that for most patients having new dentures involved several different stages and at each the technical work is sent away to the lab and then returned to the surgery….it’s a complicated process and a lot can go wrong at any stage and the whole thing usually ends up being a long and drawn out affair sometimes involving weeks of waiting and endless trips to the dentists.

Richard’s vision was to change the whole patient experience and simplify everything and create a new and unique way of providing dentures which we have called dentureshop.

dentureshop is different because it’s a place where our dentists and technicians work together during every stage of the process and a place where our patients can meet the whole dental team.

At dentureshop you can explain your requirements, expectations and concerns to the actual technicians who are making your dentures and this direct line of communication always guarantees the best results-it’s a much quicker, simpler and more accurate way of doing things.

All our dentures are made quickly and our standard turnaround time for most options is just 1week and the process usually involves only 3 appointments (although two of these appointments can sometimes be combined if travelling is an issue).

A groundbreaking sameday service is available on selected dentures and we can provide home visits for full denture wearers.

We also offer a ‘while you wait’ repair, addition and reline service.

At dentureshop we can provide a whole range of modern dentures and there are usually several options to suit different budgets and everything is menu priced.

…and because everything is produced ‘in house’ we are able to provide exceptional value for money.

At dentureshop we are proud to offer a very friendly, professional and caring service!

Why choose us?

  • dentureshop  can provide a whole range of modern dentures to suit all budgets and everything is menu priced.
  • dentureshop can provide a whole range of new dentures in just 1 week or quicker if required-we also offer a unique sameday service for some options.
  • at dentureshop impressions are cast within minutes-this means that they don’t have time to distort which means that our dentures fit more accurately.
  • at dentureshop our team of dentists can provide any additional work that you require.
  • everything at dentureshop is produced ‘in house’ which means that we can provide exceptional value for money.

Because at dentureshop we care….

and because it’s a dedicated denture service we can keep the costs down and offer exceptional value for money.

Simply call 0113 279 6667 for your FREE consultation.

No Hidden Costs At dentureshop

All dentures supplied by dentureshop are manufactured in our on-site laboratory to an exceptionally high standard.  We only use the highest quality materials and different options are available to match individual needs and budgets. Generally, the more expensive the option is chosen, the more lifelike and durable your denture will be.  The difference in price between the options reflects the additional clinical and technical skills involved and the quality of the materials used. At dentureshop everything is menu priced and there are no hidden costs.

There are several options to choose from to suit all budgets and everything is menu priced